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PF Bloom pós_14novembro2013_Interior2_Carla Pontes

Carla Pontes

PF Bloom pós_14novembro2013_Interior1_Mafalda Fonseca

Mafalda Fonseca

From stones to outer space, inspiration has not been lacking in Bloom’s young designers in their creation of the woman and man of the spring-summer of this coming year.

Gonçalo Páscoa made his first public appearance in Lisbon, in Cais do Sodré, with Astroman, a collection inspired by the dream of any child: to be an astronaut. “The collection was first inspired by the comet Hale-Bopp, but when I started researching I came to the conclusion that what I really wanted was to focus more on astronauts, as the people who risk everything in order to travel in space, and also because when we are little, everyone dreams of being an astronaut,” the designer reveals, who was also making his dream come true with his first collection. Androgynous silhouettes, where sportswear and streetwear are combined, lent the undertones for the man of spring-summer 2014.

Lisbon witnessed the debut of ‘O Simone’, the brand of a fictional personality created by a designer with a master’s from the Faculty of Architecture of Lisbon University, with his Uncountable collection. Andreia Lexim ‘turned over a new leaf’ with proposals inspired by 3D items created on paper and transposed to satin, cotton serge, organza and taffeta, and João Melo Costa ushered in the next season with Welcome Back, a collection marked by the use of technological materials and mirrors which brought a new shine to the catwalk.

In the north, in Alfândega do Porto, Mafalda Fonseca put men ‘in line’, with proposals where beige, black and white were combined in trousers, shirts and jackets, while Cláudia Garrido dressed them in woollens in various shades of grey, dotted with strong colours such as orange, in a collection which includes Carolina Brito’s illustrations in jacquards.

PF Bloom pós_14novembro2013_Interior3_Andreia Lexim

Andreia Lexim

PF Bloom pós_14novembro2013_Interior4_Carlos Couto

Carlos Couto

For women, Teresa Abrunhosa presented sensual silhouettes, with acid patterns and colours reminiscent of the 1980s. “I continued to work on the type of silhouette that I have been progressively developing, because my brand involves sensual cuts and rather unexpected openings,” the young designer explains.

Carla Pontes, in turn, concentrated on minerals, in a collection which closes the trilogy dedicated to stones, composed of light items in pale shades. “The fact that this is a clean and light collection is already a hallmark of the actual brand,” she points out.

For the third time at Bloom, Carlos Couto deformed the circle and using cotton poplin, printed and heat-sealed, created the Warp collection. “The inspiration came from Roy Lichtenstein’s work and pointillism,” he reveals about the items where black and white are predominant.

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