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At the beginning of a new school year, Modatex welcomes the new students with training sessions scheduled for Porto, Covilhã and Vilas da Aves. Inscriptions are now open and September is the kick-off month.

These training sessions aim at giving a double certification (academic and professional), with equivalence to the 12º grade and level 4 of professional qualification.


The various training options in the learning units are for Modatex, «a way for young people to be able to finish their mandatory school time and also to reach a professional certification that allows them to access more easily the labour market ». The trainee’s professional incursion is, for the institution, “an essential condition for the opening of these courses, since Modatex only implements actions that allow not only the professional welcoming of these trainees by the industries, but also the possibility to participate in internships carried on in real industrial environment”.


With an average length of two and a half years, one of the most attractive features of these courses is their high level of employability: around one third of the trainees cross over to the labour market immediately after the course’s conclusion and the others also find a good placement quite rapidly. Another advantage for students is not having to pay for the courses and to benefit from other social support.


«According to data revealed by IEFP, there are in Portugal around 30.000 young people that don’t study, don’t work or attend any kind of training, so these courses might be a solution for this problem», adds Modatex.


Modatex currently offers different training opportunities and inscriptions are now open for the “learning units” starting in September with career possibilities such as “Modelista de Vestuário”, “Técnico de Enobrecimento Têxtil” and Communication and Digital Service Technician.


Training in “Modelista de Vestuário” in Covilhã will start on September 4th, ending in October 31st, 2019, in a total of 3.975 hours.

The same training session in Porto, will begin on September 25th, with a length of 3.660 hours and will be concluded in January 2020.


Between November 2017 and November 2019 there will be held a similar session at Modatex in Vila das Aves. In this delegation, on September 11th, another training unit will start on “Técnico de Enobrecimento Têxtil”, open until September 2019. Destined to students under 25 years of age and holding the “3rd cycle” degree, it aims at providing tools and knowledge to coordinate and distribute the activities of dyeing, stamping or finishing and to make formulas for dyeing baths and thickeners or finishing baths.


In the current month of September, the “Communication and Digital Service Technician” course kicks off at Modatex Porto. Specially designed for students also under 25 years of age who are looking for their first job, this course wishes to prepare professionals that can assure commercial communication and customer service, through interactive or digital media. It will start on September 25th and will be held until December 2019, with a total of 3.746 hours.

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