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Brands / Highlights / 17 June, 2016

_MG_6244 copyThe name Josefinas was inherited from the founder grandmother and the model was born from a particular fascination with ballet. It already danced with the most famous bloggers, was worn by feminists and had honour steps at Instagram’s #miniconferenceroom – a social media where it rules. From Portugal to the world, Josefinas entwines with creativity and originality and it’s a success case that travels between cyberspace and the street.

There are models for every style and sensibility, even because, as Maria Cunha, one of the Portuguese brand’s partners, says to, Josefinas «works with personas» and doesn’t even have «a profile».

In that circle of personas are names such as Chiara Ferragni, one of the most influential faces of the blogosphere, Leandra Medine, from the website The Man Repeller and, more recently, Aimee and Dani Song, two sisters that have more than two million visits per month in their fashion blogs. Both have decided to complete their looks for New York Fashion Week (in February) with Louise sneakers (the lower model with coloured faux fur that is part of the brand’s duo Thelma and Louise).

Aimee and Dani were further and have shared in social media Snapchat and Instagram the photos, using the hashtag #josefinasportugal – which since the brand has arrived to that social media, in 2014, has similar shares throughout the globe, travelling in the feet of a list of followers with more than 40,000 people.

louise_white_dark_red_furJosefinas is, moreover, one of the «most prominent national shoe brand in international media», according to Marketeer.

This acknowledgment was achieved «with lot of work and determination. You cannot give up with the first, not even on the second, no – actually to none of it», underlines Maria Cunha, adding that Josefinas «is a growing brand that represents that nothing it’s impossible and everything it has conquered up to now is the result of lot of work and believing that nothing is impossible», she considers regarding the impact that the brand is having since it has been presented to women’s look in 2013. Filipa Júlio, the founder, architect and a confessed shoes lover, started going to ballet – with her grandmother Josefina – when she was a child and from there the inspiration has come to create the shoe brand that is the feet of the world. The US is «the best market» and, although the brand’s website is its main selling point, Josefinas is «in exclusive boutiques in Milan, Madrid, Latvia, Luxembourg, Riyadh, New York, as well as in Dubai, at the Shoe Level District», unveils Maria Cunha.

josefinas_twiggyDeciding the brand’s future are the three partners Filipa Júlio, Maria Cunha and Sofia Oliveira – the last two were recently in Instagram’s headquarters, in New York, making Josefinas the first Portuguese brand partner of the social network.

Maria Cunha and Sofia Oliveira, invited by Eva Chen, Instagram’s head of fashion partnerships, were at the iconic #MiniConferenceRoom, a miniature conference room, and from now on Josefinas is going to have access to exclusive tips and information in the platform.

Although the bet is ballerina shoes, Josefinas is expanding its luxury offer to other styles – like “Twiggy” boots (see Amor de outono) – and sport shoes – with special editions “Dream Big”, the shoe with a bow, and “Thelma & Louise”, the customizable offer.

Being that the style with colourful fur (Louise) is «nowadays the bestseller», together with ballerina’s shoes.

BubbleAlongside that, the classic style continues to deserve the most renewed additions. There are offers for mothers and daughters – “Sweet, Sweet Love” and “Tenderness Blue”, with humanitarian concerns. Styles that celebrate Marie Antoinette and Cleopatra, Beatles’ feminine side, in “Pop Square”, or Ballets Russes, the most influential ballet company of the 20th century, with “Moscow” (see As bailarinas de Alexa). There is also an edition that exalts the feminist movement and one of its most prominent faces – Gloria Steinem. The feminist has joined Josefinas in the movement #ProudToBeAWoman, lending her name to the special edition “Josefinas Women for Women by Gloria Steinem”.

«We have a very talented team, which we are very proud of. There’s always moments of major brainstorming that help us maintain the creativity. But we work in a creative and, above all, very happy environment», says Maria Cunha to, regarding the originality of each Josefinas’ edition. Every style has a story that perfectly combines with the quality of the artisanal work – among materials and the application of precious gems and metals – that goes from the sole to the shoe box and dictates the price (there are styles over 1,000 euros).

About the future, the partner starts by quoting «an increase around 200% in 2015» and the expectation of a «historic» 2016. «We have great novelties that unfortunately we cannot unveil now, but soon it will be possible. For the future, we intend to be a brand able to inspire women and to help them achieving their dreams and goals – that is our biggest dream», she confesses.


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