From land and sea

Brands / 5 October, 2016

Portugal is a country famous for its long coastline, filled with beautiful beaches, cliffs, estuaries and lagoons. It was all of these places of transition between land and sea that inspired Pedro Monteiro to create Litoral.

Born in Porto in 2015, the brand of men’s basics Litoral is dedicated to those who have a connection to streetwear, but also look for garments that stand out with their clean design and high quality.

Pedro Monteiro does not come from a fashion or design background. After 10 years working in Hospitality Management, he decided to fulfil an old dream of creating his brand. «In the beginning, the only challenge was finding production partners, but once I found the right ones, everything just fell into place», says the founder and CEO of Litoral. «The brand is 100% Portuguese, from raw materials to production», he stresses.

«Our suppliers and manufacturers are all located in the north of Portugal, in Barcelos, Trofa and Vila do Conde», points out Pedro Monteiro, explaining that this proximity to the Industry has been responsible for the rapid growth of the brand. «Recently we have been developing our own felts and knits», he continues. «We pick everything, all the threads, dyes, and weights, in order to get the final material as we imagined it and one that is exclusively ours», highlights Pedro Monteiro.

«At the moment, I believe Portugal is the most exciting place to create, regarding price and quality», he states from his personal experience. «I can also see, through buyer’s feedback, the recognition of the quality of Portuguese brands». Pedro Monteiro is talking specifically about buyers from places like the US, Canada and Germany, which at the moment are the strongest markets for the brand.

Hailing from the city of Porto, Pedro Monteiro always had a very close connection to the ocean. Coincidently or not, the location of the brand’s atelier is just a few meters from the beaches of Matosinhos, creating the perfect atmosphere for the development of all creations. In his words, Litoral is «a brand that stands out through the quality of its materials, simple designs and sober colour palettes, ranging from beiges to blues, representing Portugal’s coast».

The choice of creating a men’s brand was a personal and pragmatic option. «Since I do not have experience in Design, it was easier and more intuitive to start out by designing what I like and identify myself with», he explains. However, he shares that many women are buying the brand’s garments. «I think that, because of the simplicity of the cuts and neutrality of colours, the brand ends up reaching the female buyer», he clarifies. His plans for the near future include the development of a women’s line.

Going forward, Pedro Monteiro’s ambitions are to grow the brand’s international distribution and open his own stores. For now, though, he would rather focus on strengthening the brand. «Above all else, what I want is for Litoral’s products to be recognised for their comfort and quality, for people to feel good about themselves and to understand all the work that it is behind every single creation», he refers. The brand’s Spring-Summer collection will soon be available at Litoral’s online shop and at selected stockists such as The Feeting Room and Daily Day in Porto or at Gentry in New York.

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