Athleisure pops out of the wardrobe

Highlights / Trends / 26 July, 2017

After giving elasticity and comfort to all wardrobe pieces, the macro-trend has now arrived at cosmetics and accessories. From the boom of backpacks to gym-proof makeup, the athleisure has long ceased to be used in just leggings.

Handbags, watches and make-up are now receiving influences from sport and fitness, according to Quartz, at a time when brands compete for market share.

A recent report from Euromonitor revealed that many retailers now have athleisure lines – macro-trends that are no longer restricted to clothing and footwear.

In recent editions of Baselworld, the world’s leading jewellery and watches trade show, traditional brands have been showcasing sport-inspired watches. Brands like Kate Spade and Accessorize, meanwhile, now sell bottled water in their stores. These brands did not adopt the trend just for lack of better ideas. They are instead responding to consumer demand.

«The more casual and sport-inspired clothing code boosts the appetite for sports brands and sports-inspired backpacks and bags, even watches», noted Euromonitor, pointing out that Adidas «grew by 9% in the category of bags and backpacks by 2016, almost three times more than the average category».

Given these numbers, it is probably no coincidence that in May, Adidas has partnered with Porter, the popular Japanese brand of accessories.

Nike, meanwhile, worked with Apple for a special edition of Apple Watch, specifically designed for racing.

Make up on the move

The influence of athleisure and the active lifestyles that motivate it are still exercised in ways beyond those documented in the Euromonitor report.

At a time when consumers have been showing an increasing interest in staying fit – and sharing fitness routines with the world through social media – cosmetic companies have also started offering new product lines, ideal for gyms.

Rae Cosmetics, for example, has a product range in which all products have been developed to last between workouts and, of course, against heat and perspiration.

Sweat Cosmetics, a brand developed specifically for active women, was launched in the summer of 2015 by five former professional athletes and the inspiration came from the founders’ experiences. As proof of its success, Sephora began selling Sweat Cosmetics in June 2016.

The beauty retail giant also sells Yuni, which presents itself as «the first beauty brand inspired by the athleisure movement». Yuni proposes products such as body wipes and muscle recovery gel, targeted to consumers with active lifestyles.

In December, the brand Tarte released its athleisure make-up version – even baptizing the “Athleisure” line – which is based on a moisturizer, a sweat-proof mascara and oil-based wipes.

By 2017, the fashion world seems to have peaked the obsession with athleisure, an estimated market of around $44 billion in the US alone, according to the NPD Group. But clearly, there is room for this trend to continue growing outside the wardrobe.

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