A new chapter

A long white corridor guides us to the staircase leading to Adalberto Estampados’s renovated facilities....

9 October, 2017

Fashion as storytelling

Fashion designer, stylist and a curious observer of everything around him. It is by telling stories that...

18 September, 2017

Seven days a week

Stimulated by the social and urban experience and the emerging culture of Porto, Daily Day is a concept...

24 August, 2017

What’s next?

João Oliveira always preferred being away from the spotlight. However, after taking home two awards...

8 August, 2017

All aboard

Born in 1973 in a small garage in Maria Emília and Alberto Figueiredo’s home, in Esposende, the Impetus...

31 July, 2017

No mandatory pieces

Room 11 of an old Porto warehouse hosts the studio and showroom belonging to Ricardo Andrez. On an afternoon...

7 July, 2017

Concrete jungle

There’s no better way to discover the hidden side of this new brand than to meet its collective of artists...

14 June, 2017

Above and beyond

It might seem impossible to manage an agenda split between being a teacher, the father of two, a manager...

17 May, 2017

The time is now

Sustainability in fashion is an increasingly hot topic and the dyeing and finishing company Tintex is on a steady...

20 April, 2017



Nuno Baltazar

Portugal Fashion Reflector